A Question of Faith



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - upright 84%
IMDb Rating 4.4


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by susanhaweel 9 / 10

great movie

Let me start off by saying that I come from a Christian heritage but I am not a Christian. I am an agnostic. I can find no proof for the existence of God (let alone what's in the Bible, Koran, etc) nor can I find proof for the non-existence of God. Intellectual honesty requires, therefore, that I neither believe nor disbelieve. Given my stance on God and religion, I dismissed the Bible / Christian stuff in "A Question of Faith" out of hand. I just ignored it and instead approached this movie from a human behavior standpoint. I'm glad I did."A Question of Faith" is one of those stories about people who do not know each other but are brought together by an event, in this case a totally avoidable tragedy, and, as is necessary for this kind of movie, by coincidence. The tragedy begets pain and, of course, anger.I like the acting in this movie. Some of the characters could have seemed "too good" to be real, but since I've met real people who are like the characters portrayed in the movie I was able to get past that.The characters were all introduced early in the movie, and it became fairly predictable what what was going to happen next. So you might think, therefore, that "A Question of Faith" just left me flat and from my description that this movie is not worth watching, but you would be wrong.By the end of "A Question of Faith" I was crying. This movie, to me, is about the power and beauty of forgiveness, and it doesn't matter whether forgiveness comes from some religion or from innate human goodness. Maybe forgiveness means nothing to you but it means a whole lot to me. I have been both forgiven and have forgiven in my lifetime and I know what it truly means. "A Question of Faith" portrayed forgiveness in its true glory in spite of the biblical connections.I knocked off a couple of points for all the bible stuff. But the thing I really didn't like about "A Question of Faith" is that it left all the theaters around here before I could go see it again.

Reviewed by shannon-fike 9 / 10

A must see

Without question this is one of the most inspiring movies ever made. It shares the basic tenet of forgiveness without being preachy. It's cross-generational storyline is refreshing and is a must see, particularly for teens. I would HIGHLY recommend. Remember, there are many in Hollywood who want to label all Christians as extremist, forgetting that Christ was an extremist for showing love.

Reviewed by Stephanie Wilkinson 9 / 10

3 families, divided by tragedy, unite in faith

With all that's going on in the world and in our own country this movie is a must-see. It will speak to people of all ages but in particular anyone between the ages of 12 and 80 should see this movie. The performance of the cast was great and the various themes hit the viewer as a powerful reminder that God is good in all things. . Bring Kleenex!

Reviewed by jas-73954 9 / 10

Real life events that could happen to you

A beautiful film that highlights our need to overlook our differences and focus, instead, on our similarities and ways we can help heal physical and spiritual wounds. No spoilers.....so, I'll just say that some issues that we, in our current society, face daily, and some decisions that we may have to make, are brought to light and addressed in a powerful, yet touching, film.

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