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Steven Seagal as John Alexander
Vinnie Jones as The Boss
Lesley-Anne Down as Zvetlana
Byron Mann as Chi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

This Mercenary: Absolutely Irrelevant

With a trend of increasingly faster and more brutal action choreography in recent years, there's not much space for Seagal's large frame, no matter how many wrists he snaps. For an action movie, the action scenes themselves are far from believable, a lot of choppy editing and excessive use of doubles make it laughably bad. At least the trademark of Seagal's movie is still here; his near superhuman portrayal, perfect accuracy and untouchable in fight, even though what he does is just randomly waves his hand.Seagal is tasked to wrap up a potential terrorist by his handler. After an unfortunate event he finds himself protecting a random girl. This is truly an absurd script, the girl literally falls on his laps and then Seagal laments about his existent in his usual erratic mumbling. None of the scenes involving him are convincing, either it's the action or acting. It's just awkward like seeing a grandpa flirt with a girl or a veteran operative waltz in a room and not getting shot because he's wearing plot armor.Byron Mann and Vinnie Jones are also present, both of them are decent. Byron Mann performs much better despite being a sidekick character. Vinnie Jones is looking grim as always, even though his appearance is relatively short in the movie. The rest of the cast are stiff. At some points the supporting characters sound like they are reading or even spelling the script. Needless to say, the screenplay of elaborate syndicate is nowhere near engaging.Action is brutally weak. Seagal would do some gestures that probably resemble fighting and the camera cut off to stuntman flying across the room. Majority of the scenes are also played by doubles, it's quite apparent when the shot cuts to their back that not all of the actors are involved in the stunts. It's even worse when Seagal does this transparent excuse of action choreography in a movie where he's supposed to lead.One must wonder how much longer can Seagal relies only on his fading name because story and choreography are flimsy even by standard of ten years ago.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

It's Too Late For Absolution Steven

This starts with a man called John Alexander undergoing contemplative brooding introspection: "I've been a bad man my whole life . If I can do only one good thing in life then that would give me absolution"Considering John is played by Steven Seagal a more honest appraisal might be: "I've been an abysmally bad actor my entire life . If I could only make one half decent movie then that would be absolution for the audience" Unfortunately ABSOLUTION is not that film and seeing the physical appearance of Seagal tells us that it's never going to happen either . It's something of a shock the way Seagal looks nowadays . Try and imagine Marlon Brando in APOCALYPSE NOW with too much artificial hair and that gives you a vague idea of what happens if you're an action movie star who doesn't visit the gym very often . You do wonder how SS is going to kick some ass in his present condition . This is easily explained - he shoots bad guys and leaves any jumping and kicking to his cohort , or failing that a stunt double with his back to camera . It's not absolution that is required but lots of salad and exercise The film starts with SS being given a mission to eliminate "This Afghan national working for the Iranians and with ties to Pakistan" It's at this very early point alarm bells start ringing that the geo-politics here might be wrong since the Persians and Pakistanis have never really been allies . That said this Afghan national isn't really the main villain , it's a character played by Vinnie Jones and when you're watching a film where Jones gives the most impressive performance that might explain why ABSOLUTION has gone straight to DVD

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

A return to form for Seagal?

Without any spoilers as a direct to DVD film this is one of Seagal better efforts. Please don't listen to the critic's Technically it's a well executed film. Seagal and Mann make a great team together and whilst Vinnie Jones is not in the film a great deal he's a very believable bad guy because quite frankly playing psychos is what Vinnie does best.I rated It an 8 as an action film because the story and pace and action kept me entertained. I do recommend this to fans of Seagal.Please view for yourself and decide.

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