Superman: Unbound


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Matt Bomer as Superman / Clark Kent
Stana Katic as Lois Lane
Molly C. Quinn as Supergirl
John Noble as Brainiac
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Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

DC's apology for "Brainiac Attacks"

Kal-El aka Superman has spent a lifetime defending his adopted homeworld of Earth. For years, he had thought of himself as the last son of Krypton. Only his fortress of solitude and his cousin Supergirl serves as a reminder of the world Superman was born on. But now, Superman will be faced with a dark figure from his planet's past. What seems like another typical day of foiling heavily armed kidnappers turns into a fight for Earth's survival as a dangerous robot probe from outer space is identified as a drone of "Brainiac". Brainiac, as Supergirl recalls, was responsible for the disappearance of Krypton's capital city, Kandor, along with Supergirl's parents. Superman leaves to confront Brainiac while Supergirl dishes out her own brand of justice on earth.What follows is possibly the most epic of all Superman battles ever put to screen. We have Superman taking on hordes of advanced machines strong enough to hurt the man of steel. We have Superman facing down the cybernetic enhanced Brainiac who is smarter, faster and more powerful that he is. The movie earns its PG-13 rating with blood and violence. After all, Brainiac seeks to hoard all knowledge in the universe. What better repository of knowledge than the brains of living creatures? Ouch!The conflict against Brainiac truly pushes Superman to his physical limits. Staggering action, epic in scale, is beautifully animated by Moi Animation who bring graceful fluidity to the movements of the characters.They manage to blend the 3D CGI vehicles seamlessly with the traditional 2D characters while giving everything a slightly more "Japanese anime" touch.Our characters are, once again, voiced by a wholly different cast as is the case for each DC animated movie production. What stands out is how witty the humor is in the script. The humor works and it fits perfectly without feeling forced. Delivering a near perfect performance are the voice cast directed by the impeccable Andrea Romano. Special mention goes to John Noble as brainiac, Stana Katic as a very Margot Kidder-ish Lois Lane and Matt Bomer as Superman/Clark Kent. Bomer especially takes great pains to have different accents when playing the dual personality of Superman and Kent, helping to highlight Kent's Kansas upbringing. The story devotes a good amount of time in developing the relationships Superman has with Lois and Supergirl, which in the end makes for a very human look at the Man of Steel.Central to our narrative is the theme of one being protecting others to the point of intruding into and controlling their personal lives. The way Superman is constantly looking over Lois' shoulder even in peacetime, the way Supergirl intervenes in international conflicts, how are they different from the way Brainiac keeps his captured subjects in line by policing their actions under the excuse of protecting them? That parallel is drawn more than once, along with the constant question of whether Superman's loyalties lie with Earth or other Krypton survivors.For all its good points, Superman Unbound is one of the more visually inconsistent DC animated projects to date. The character designs are angular, somewhat skinny and rather similar to the designs seen in 2005's "The Batman" TV series. It does take some getting used to, particularly for those who did like Gary Frank's art in the original "Superman: brainiac" graphic novel. The least they could do was to keep the art consistent though. Just take a good look at Superman's chest-to-head size ratio which expands and shrinks from scene to scene.Then you have some obvious animation mistakes that just look weird, especially this one scene where Superman seems to have a hilariously long arm. The level of detail in the artwork is good for the most part, with metallic reflections in metal surfaces on the robots, folds in Superman's costume and cape and a good light/darkness contrast in the colours. But then you have a good number of scenes where the level of detail drops to the level of a low budget TV series. Oh and remember that bit about trying to give the show a more "Japanese anime" touch? You have scenes just like Japanese anime; a still frame with minimal motion tween movements, complete with exaggerated anatomy, weird angles and action lines. If one can look past some of the visual shortcomings, there is much to enjoy about this animated film. The music by newcomer Kevin Kliesch takes cues from both Hans Zimmer and classic Jerry Goldsmith while still paying due respects to the timeless John Williams style. The way Clark Kent and Lois Lane play off each other is cutely reminiscent of the Christopher Reeves Superman movies, and the humor is truly funny without being corny. Overall, this would have been truly awesome in live action. Hopefully July 2013's "Man of Steel" would be able to top this in all aspects of storytelling and characterization.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Better than I thought

I've been unsystematically going through a lot of these Warner movies and this is one of the better ones for me, if not the best. I'm an old (uh, maybe that's not the best word) Superman - Batman fan, so I keep an eye on the the two series and the Justice League from time to time.Though others have described this movie as a basic super-people brawl, I found enough character development and interpersonal "stuff" to make it more interesting than a simple super-fistfight.I would have preferred a bit of the "old" (40 years ago) comic book Braniac, as the current Brainiac doesn't seem very "brainy" in this outing, but I like what's going on with Super Girl.My favorite Superman characteristic is that in the end he USUALLY outwits his opponents rather than simply pummeling then into the ground, and there is a version of that in this movie as well.I don't know the numbers, but count me in as as adult fan who likes the stories to be as intelligent and "meaningful" as possible. Keep 'em coming, Warner Bros.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Flawed, but Very Entertaining!

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

worth checking out

Out of all the animated standalone Superman movies that have come out the latest one Superman Unbound, is the one I found to be the most enjoyable. It is not perfect by any stretch but I still find it to be my favorite of the Superman animated movies. There are a few reasons for this. Unlike Superman Doomsday, this did not water down a story that I am a big fan of, The Death of Superman. Unlike Superman Doomsday and All-Star Superman, I was not bored at any moment in this film. Plus, unlike Superman vs. The Elite, this actually feels like a Superman movie.I am not familiar with the source material this is based on. I am going to judge this as a film by itself. As a standalone movie I thought it was a good movie. It is nothing outstanding or great, but I found it a very entertaining movie.The characters are pretty good particularly one character. Superman comes off as a bit unlikable at the start, but he does grow by the end of the film and you care about him. I like this Superman to be honest. Out of all the Supermen in all the animate features, I personally enjoy this one the most. Mat Bomer did a great job voicing Superman. At times he really pulled off a good Tim Daly. Lois is portrayed very interestingly. She has an interesting look to her that I have never seen before in any other portrayal. Stana Katic also does a decent job voice acting. Supergirl I did not like as well. She came off as too whiny. I know she is a teenager and that teenagers can be whiny but I still found it a bit annoying.The character that really stood out in this film is Brainiac himself. This the first time I have seen this version of him. The Brainiac in this movie is not all machine but is also partly organic. He reminds me of Martian Manhunter a little. This is the first time this version of Brainiac was ever shown on-screen and I find it quite refreshing. I like his character in this as well which ties greatly into the theme of the movie. The theme of the film I like a lot and it is one of the better things in the movie.What I did not like was the use of adult content just for the sake of adult content. This is an issue with other animated films of the DC lineup that which I forgot to address in my other reviews. The story of this film really is something that kids can watch. The content is not really that mature. However, the studio puts some random adult content in the film like a few swear words, blood, and sexual themes in order to earn a PG-13 rating, which is much unneeded. Another problem I have with the film is how they beat Brainiac. I found that they beat him too easily. Brainiac does not seem like much of a threat to Superman really. This is a problem considering he is one of Superman's greatest adversaries.The art, like most animated Superman films, took some getting used to. However, now I like the art style. The animation is quite smooth like always. The action is smooth and fun as usual with these films. Overall this is my favorite animated Superman film so far. It is not my favorite Superman film period, and it is nothing great. However I found it quite entertaining despite its flaws. I would say it is at least worth a look.

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