Under Siege


Action  Thriller  

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - certified fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - upright 61%
IMDb Rating 6.4


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Tommy Lee Jones as William Stranix
Steven Seagal as Casey Ryback
Gary Busey as Cmdr. Krill
Erika Eleniak as Jordan Tate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Steven Seagal's best!!

This is by far Seagals best film and his only one that you could truly call good. His others range from average to just plain awful, but this is a great action film. Its basically Dies Hard on a boat, but is one of the few successful Die Hard clones. Andrew Davis made this before The Fugitive, and his direction is tense and exciting, whats more he gets Seagals best performance which basically means he is slightly less wooden than usual.The plot revolves around this Battleship which is being taken out of use. On its final run, coinciding with the captains birthday, the ship gets hi-jacked by terrorists who plan to use the nuclear weapons on board. Seagal a former Navy Seal, with more medals than a medal shop, is on board as the ships cook, as this is the only position he can occupy in the ship after he was involved in a military blunder previously. Seagal uses his skills to cause problems for the terrorists as he sets out to stop them, aided by Miss July 89 Jordan The played by the sexy and melon chested Erika Eleniak who is certainly there for her looks ahead of acting ability, she is however a cut above Seagal in the acting department.The action in this is great, Seagals usual Aikido master class is on display as well as some good gun fights, and impressive stunts. Seagal has always had a bit of paunch but he looks a lot fitter than his recent films where he lumbers about, in his earlier films he actually seems in some sort of shape and actually looks tough.Overall this is an entertaining film, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey are in scene stealing form as the bad guys and Seagal is at the top of his game. 8/10

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

This Seagal Flick Took The Cake

This was a fast-moving Rambo-style action flick (good guys never get hit despite 10,000 rounds of ammunition fired at them) that was very popular. It spawned a very weak sequel, par for the course. Several reviewers here wrote that it is Steven Seagal's "best movie," and I wouldn't argue with that.."Under Siege" probably was more popular than the normal Segal action flick because of several aspects: 1 - the interesting story featuring the "lowly cook" (as Seagal described himself in this film) beating a bunch of terrorists taking over a U.S. Navy vessel; 2 - the over-the-top villains portrayed by fun-to-watch actors Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey, and 3 - the fabulous looks and body of Erika Eleniak, who pops out of a cake topless in a sight that every guy who saw this film remembers.Jones was just about hitting his acting career peak as he demonstrated the following year with his Oscar-winning performance in "The Fugitive." Busey was the opposite, nearing the end of his run after a starring role as singer "Buddy Holly" made him famous. This film might be Segal's most successful, or at least in the top three. His star has faded since the new century. Eleniak never made it far past the cake. She played "Elly May" in "The Beverly Hillbillies" the following year and nothing but 'B' films after that.The first part of this movie is far better than the second. It gets out-of-control by the end, as most of these action films do with the violence overdone and with little credibility. But watching the three leads, and ogling Eleniak, always make this film fun to watch for a little while, at least.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Seagal's best film

I gave this movie a solid ten, and I stick with it. I'm not in particular a fan of Steven Seagal, though I don't arbitrarily hate him like many critics do. In fact, this was the first of his movies I'd seen, and I liked it immediately.For any people expecting this movie to deviate from the usual formula of (1): Seagal is wronged, (2): Seagal becomes killing machine, you'll be disappointed. Almost everything in this movie is to be expected, as Seagal plays his usual tough but lovable good guy who gets pushed just a bit too far and goes into full-on expert martial arts killer to enact revenge. A dozen or so people will die, as many or more limbs will be broken, and Seagal will do it all with as much emotion as a stick. To those expecting more of Seagal's usual stuff, that's what you'll get.But in my opinion, what we also get are some inexplicably high level bad guys for this outing. Although about a decade or two behind today's times (keeping in mind the film itself is a decade and a half old), the two antagonists are the well known actors Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey. While getting on in their age nowadays, these two were some of the most crazed and entertaining actors of the 70s and 80s. Jones is probably best known from The Fugitive, for which he won an academy award, while Gary Busey has done a boatload of famous, not-so famous, and video game voiceover work. Together, these veterans almost steal the show as they chew the scenery and provide Seagal's most colorful and charismatic characters. Busey is a former ship's commander who's willing to drown his crew simply to taunt Seagal, whereas Jones' character used to send body parts to his ex-bosses at the CIA before turning up here.The plot of this movie is that the two aforementioned crazies, with an entire crew of inside tech guys and hired muscle, have overtaken the aircraft carrier USS Missouri, with plans to extort various things from the big guys in Washington with the ship's small but capable arsenal of weapons at their disposal. The catch is that a high-ranking ex-navy seal is on the ship, serving a commuted sentence for misbehavior. Stuck here as the ship's cook, Seagal plays Casey Ryback who must do whatever he can to rally the ship back into responsible hands.Strangely enough, the movie departs in several ways from the regular formula. The aforementioned bad guys are not only one head honcho but two equally ambitious ones, as well as a capable force of a dozen or so armed men. But where one would expect Seagal to be alone, this time the film adds at least a little credibility to the mix: Seagal still raises hell, but he also has to get the help of several others stowed on the ship if he's to have any chance in operating its guns and other functions. In a film rooted in implausability, it's at least nice to see old Steve actually running around with some admitted help.The pace is interesting, as the early scenes in the movie set up some beautiful shots of the ship as well as some of its intricate interiors and set pieces. Some characters are the token one-line kills, but then there are some side characters who are given their own personality and a scene or two to take advantage of. Many characters from the aforementioned Fugitive (1993) make returns in this movie, as well as a decent character played by Colm Meaney, who was Miles 'O Brien to Star Trek fans.Probably the only annoying bit of this movie is the female lead, played by Playboy model Erika Eleniak. She does a serviceable job, shows her breasts for a minute like she's expected to, and sometimes comes across as a believable person. But for the most part, she's there to lend support to Seagal, and add a little comic repartee between them. I didn't really mind her until she had a silly turn as hero(ine) for a minute or two.But that's a minor quibble, in a film that I still love as being Seagal's most tight, interesting and energetic. It somehow seems more well written or polished than all his other efforts, and this is no doubt aided by the considerable time that is spent establishing the villains, who I've already noted as being the best Seagal's had to tackle. The sequel to this one was quite a letdown but still fun on its own, but in my opinion the original is Seagal's best and a great choice for those looking for some good old fashioned action heroics

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

'Welcome to the revolution!'

When terrorists decide they need nuclear Tomahawk cruise missiles 'to sell like hot cakes,' they turn to the U.S.S. Missouri, the fastest and most powerful naval force ever to sail the seas... (The Missouri fired the first shots of the Gulf War... Her powerful 16' guns destroyed Iraqi bunkers... Her Tomahawk missiles rocketed deep into the heart of Baghdad.)As luck would have it, Chief Ryback (Steven Seagal) happens to be on board working as 'head cook.' Ryback is seen by all as a 'sorry-looking sailor' but his true identity as an ex-SEAL expert in martial arts, explosives, weapons, and tactics, is the Captain's best kept secret... There's supposed to be a 'surprise' birthday party for the Captain (Patrick O'Neal) but he is shot before he can even show up to the fiesta...The terrorists, a group of professional killers, under the guise of entertainers and musicians, get access to the U.S. battleship by a helicopter cleared to land on the vessel's last voyage by a heavy turncoat officer...Tommy Lee Jones is fabulous as the lunatic Hippie, a former CIA undercover operative, who is for a railing system to offload the missiles onto a submarine they will rendez-vous with...Gary Busey is (Krill) the commander graciously ready to give a 'surprise' to his captain... He is absolutely perfect as the maniac everyone loves to knock him down...Erika Eleniak is the beautiful Playboy centerfold who will knock you off your feet... Erika is hired to jump out topless of the cake and dance...If you like to see your favorite celebrity shooting an evil bad guy in the back, don't miss Andrew Davis' 'Under Siege,' a good entertaining movie, well directed, and very exciting...

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